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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Flowering Plants resource now freely available online

Don't have a school garden but you are studying Green Plants
Flowering Plants - a resource to support the Green plants section of the science, National Curriculum.

It covers:
  • recognition and an understanding of the purpose of the parts of a green plant and a flower
  • the requirements that a green plant has to ensure healthy growth
  • animations showing the processes of photosynthesis, germination, pollination and the various methods through which seeds are dispersed
  • an understanding that there are different groups of flowering plants
  • an understanding that plants grow in different environments and how they adapt to suit specific environments
  • an understanding on the importance of green plants and what they provide

As this resource is new please email me if you find any broken links or have any feedback following use of this or any other of the resources provided. I am only able to offer these resources freely due to the generous support of visitors to my web site who use the links on my shopping pages. Most of the companies that I link to offer a small percentage commission on sales generated from my links.

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