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Friday, 28 January 2011

Greenhouse without glass.

If you are worried about the health and safety aspect of children working in a glass greenhouse or you want to site your greenhouse in a position where it is in danger of being used for taget practice, this may be the solution for you.

Alternatively you may only want a greenhouse for one part of the year - for instance to raise seeds - this greenhouse can be deflated and put somewhere safely during the summer holidays.

The material is the same as used in white water rafts so it should be very durable and should also provide insulation.

The greenhouse comes in three sizes and comes with electric pump and adaptors, guy ropes, plastic pegs, repair kit and full instruction booklet.

To find out more click here

If you want a do it yourself verion of a no-glass greenhouse then you could try making a bottle greenhouse - click here

A range of greenhouse that use polcarbonate glazing is available from here and here (including polytunnels). More greenhouse and polytunnel choices can be found at TWO WESTS click on the Garden Buildings tab on their website.

For more help in choosing a greenhouse click here

Don't forget I am always in search of schools who are willing to add some information about their gardening activities to the example pages of my website here

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Making an early start

Early in the year it can be difficult to get started on gardening projects. In schools it is especially important that seed sowing isn't delayed for too long. You want to have as good a chance as possible to harvest crops such as tomatoes before the August holidays.

Starting seeds in classrooms (or homes for that matter) with less than very good levels of light mean that although seeds often germinate successfully but then the seedlings become weak and leggy through lack of light. This means that you often lose the benefit of sowing early.

On possible solution may be to invest in an Indoor Grow Light Garden. I know funds can be tight for schools but this could be a possible target for some fund raising activities or maybe you could put in a bit for funding from a local supermarket, bank or other possible community supporter.
The above garden is supplied by Harrod Horticultural for more information click here

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Planning for the new season

Online Garden Planning Tool
It may not be ideal gardening weather outside at the moment but there is still plenty to do. It's a good time to plan your plot. Planning provides a good opportunity for children to create plans and diagrams. They could use a computer programme such as the Growveg system which many schools have found useful. Click here for more information.

It is also a good time to start monitoring weather conditions to help the children to understand how the seasons change and why we start growing when we do. Again this provides a real life opportunity to create and analyse charts and graphs. Click here for data on our weather over the year.

DON'T be tempted to sow seeds too early unless you want to use this as a science project to understand what happens when seedlings are grown in different conditions e.g. low light.

Now is the time though to make sure that you have all the seeds and plants that you need for the new season.

There is advice on what to choose on these pages Now is an ideal time to be choosing fruits plants. If you leave your ordering too late then you may have less choice. Try browsing the Victoriana site where schools can obtain special rates

Also make sure to buy your seed potatoes in good time. Don't forget to visit the Potato Council - Grow your Own Potatoes site where schools can register your school to receive a FREE potato growing kit. Information on planting potatoes in open ground can be accessed here and in containers here.

Advice on many gardening techniques can be found here. If you think I should add more items to help you with your gardening please email any suggestions to me