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Sunday, 20 February 2011


The resources that were originally available on CD are now being transferred online. Commission gained from sales from the links on this and our other website and blogs now enable us to offer these resources freely.
So far I have transferred the first of the plant families resource - Peas and Beans.

There are two resources to support work on each of the plant families. One is delivered through web pages and contains information and photographs of each of the stages of each plants development including some information about raising your own plants from seed.

The second resource is a downloadable Smart Notebook file with activities to support the online resource - these included naming of the plants, matching the plant to the seed and arranging the lifecycle.

Other resources are also available that link to composting activities and literacy/sowing and raising seeds.
To access the resources visit this page of my website but don't forget to revisit as more resources will be added as I manage to create the web pages.

I welcome feedback on any of the resources and remember you can help resource the wesite by sending me an article supported with photos of your own school website - it would make a great literacy activity for some of your children.

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