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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Making an early start

Early in the year it can be difficult to get started on gardening projects. In schools it is especially important that seed sowing isn't delayed for too long. You want to have as good a chance as possible to harvest crops such as tomatoes before the August holidays.

Starting seeds in classrooms (or homes for that matter) with less than very good levels of light mean that although seeds often germinate successfully but then the seedlings become weak and leggy through lack of light. This means that you often lose the benefit of sowing early.

On possible solution may be to invest in an Indoor Grow Light Garden. I know funds can be tight for schools but this could be a possible target for some fund raising activities or maybe you could put in a bit for funding from a local supermarket, bank or other possible community supporter.
The above garden is supplied by Harrod Horticultural for more information click here


Bangchik said...

It looks neat... I hope the system is not only about light, but with intermittent watering system as well... I am interested!

Green Lane Allotments said...

There is an optional watering system too - we have ordered one so I'll post on my other website/blog how it works etc. Trouble is I don't think the company sell overseas.

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