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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Weather projects

Weather projects link very well with gardening activities as the weather conditions directly affect how we garden and what we can grow. A study of the weather also provides an ideal opportunity for children to read and create charts and diagrams.

In our garden we have set up a weather station that provides lots of data that may be useful when delivering such projects. We share our weather data and information through:

A web site which gather real time data every 10 minutes whenever our computer is connected to the internet

To view click here

Our weather diary blog which has monthly charts created from data collected by our weather station and also a daily summary of weather conditions with comments on how this has affected our gardening.

To view click here

A section of Our plot at Green Lane Allotments website has a section dedicated to information about the weather.

The information includes a monthly weather summary, monthly and annual weather charts.

To view click here


Fickle cattle said...

That's pretty cool. Technology for you huh? :-)

Canvas Printing said...

thinking of growing my own this year, thanks for the info

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