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Friday, 13 August 2010

Getting started next term


If you want to get a start on your vegetable patch but don't have the time to sow seeds and wait for them to grow enough to plant out then these offers from Suttons and Dobies may be of interest.

Suttons seeds are offering a bundle of winter vegetable plants, seeds and seed potatoes

ALL THIS FOR JUST £14.95! - PLUS FREE 1kg of Carlingford Potatoes

36 Plug Plants, 4 seed packets + 1kg Carlingford Potatoes FREE!

Price: £14.95
If you are interested click here

Dobies Seeds have almost the same offer but minus the seeds and seed potatoes. Exactly the same plug plants (variety and number) without the potatoes and seeds for £9.95. For us it's a better option.
We've ordered this offer from Dobies  We had this offer last year and were very satisfied with what was produced.

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