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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Gardening Calendar

On "The School Vegetable Patch website" I have started a calendar of suggested gardening activities. A gardening calendar can never be more than a list of suggestions. Gardening activities are very much dependent on weather, location and soil conditions. No two years are exactly alike. Conditions will vary considerably in different areas of the UK. You will need to familiarise yourself with your local climate such as likely frost dates. The Garden Action website has a tool which you can use to predict when your area is likely to experience its first and last frosts of the year but remember this is only a guide and conditions can vary from year to year and even from one garden to another.

You also need to know what soil type you are gardening with and be aware of the soil conditions. If the ground is too cold, too wet or too dry some tasks will need to be delayed. Many activities will be equally suited to more than one month of the year.

So far the October link has been completed - more will be added over time. Updates will be posted on here on the blog.
If you would like to add suggestions to the months activities either email me or post a comment here.

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